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National Football Authority: Bengals Talking With The Cardinals To Swap First-Round Picks For Running Back Trent Richardson

The Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals are in talks for a first-round trade, according to Bear Heiser and Daniel Wolf of National Football Authority. They write:

After speaking to a team executive on Monday, National Football Authority senior writer Bear Heiser has learned the Bengals are eager to move up in the first round to secure themselves the top running back in this draft class—Alabama Crimson Tide's Trent Richardson.

The suggestion, according to The National Football Authority is the assumption that Cincinnati would swap their No. 17 pick for Arizona's 13th pick and another selection after the first round (possibly a third or fourth).

This team executive was adamant in making aware how much the Bengals really like Richardson and would really like to add him to their West Coast offense, which would be a great fit for the Heisman candidate's versatile style of play.

We can't speak to the validly to the report, so take the information presented with an obvious suspicious nature. However if a trade were to happen, we don't expect it to actually happen until the Cardinals are on the clock during the first round of the NFL draft, assuring that the Bengals would get Trent Richardson if he's still around by the Arizona's 13th pick.

Cedric Benson, who is entering free agency this year, isn't expected to return, leaving a void for a feature back. However recent comments by offensive coordinator Jay Gruden hinted at a committee in the backfield. Then again Gruden said they'd go in that direction if they didn't have a guy like Richardson.