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SB Nation And Cincy Jungle Expanding To YouTube: Subscribe Now

We here at Cincy Jungle work hard to keep you up to date on everything from rumors to the latest news involving the Cincinnati Bengals. We scour the Internet and bring the latest news from your favorite team to one place and mix it with thoughtful analysis and original content. I don't like to boast, but I think we do a pretty good job at maintaining one of the best Bengals sites on the web.

However, sometimes writing isn't quite enough. That's why SB Nation has decided to expand to YouTube to put faces with the work they've done in writing. It's not like they're going to be sitting in front of a computer with a webcam either -- each video is professionally shot and produced. Here, have a look.

Shutdown Fullback:

Bomani & Jones:

Full Nelson with Amy K. Nelson:

That's not all that's going on either. As a part of SB Nation, Cincy Jungle is expanding to YouTube as well. We've done a few test videos (which you've seen) and we're ready to go live. We'll be doing one video a week (at minimum) in the offseason and three a week during the season and the draft.

This is going to allow us to put a face (my face) with the blog and expand our coverage on the Cincinnati Bengals and will make Cincy Jungle even better than it really is. Everybody involved is really excited about the opportunity to make Cincy Jungle, and SB Nation, better.

So, before our YouTube channel goes live, you should subscribe to CJ's here and subscribe to SB Nation's here, and get ready for awesomeness.