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Goodell: Every NFL Team Will Have A Primetime Game In 2012

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, in his annual state of the NFL news conference, announced a major development in the broadcasting of the NFL. Goodell stated:

"We're going to be playing Thursday night games from Week 2 to Week 12," Goodell said. "The market for NFL Network is here, and it's going to continue to grow."

That means that the NFL Network will be hosting thirteen Thursday Night Games a year, five more than they broadcasted last year, in weeks 10 through 16.

Goodell added that all 32 teams would be guaranteed at least one prime time game over the course of the 2012 season. With the Bengals on the rise and the Ravens and Steelers perhaps on the decline, it's perfect timing for the nation to witness the young, promising Bengals.

If you add in NBC's week season opener and the traditional three Thanksgiving games, that means a total of 17 Thursday Night Games in 2012. Add in the traditional Monday and Sunday night games, and it's possible that the Bengals may even have more than one primetime game this year.

Bengals fans haven't seen a primetime game with the Bengals since the they fell short in a heartbreaking loss against the New York Jets on Thanksgiving night in 2010.

This news also puts more pressure on major cable providers (e.g. Time Warner Cable) to start providing the NFL Network to their customers. This issue has been long and drawn out debacle, but Time Warner Cable has yet make a deal with the NFL Network.

Bengals fans should hope that corporate handshake is made soon, because Thursday Night Football is becoming a regular part of football fans' lives.