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Bengals Coach Expects More From Bernard Scott

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Is it time for Bernard Scott to become a feature back? Bengals long time running backs coach Jim Anderson wants Scott to become more of a complete package before he can move into a starting role.

"He has that versatility, so we just expect for him to work on it, " Anderson said. 'We are going to work on it an everything so that he can be more of the total package."

Scott has spent most of his three seasons in the NFL backing up Cedric Benson. Benson is set to become an unrestricted free agent this March and appears unlikely to return. The question is if Scott can handle a full 16 game workload. He carried the ball 112 times for 380 yards and caught 13 passes for 38 yards in 2011, often providing a nice change of pace for Benson.

Along with Benson, third down back Brian Leonard is also due to become a free agent this March. Depending on what the Bengals decide to do with Benson and Leonard, there may be a changing of the guard at the running back position. Regardless of whether or not Scott is ready to handle the full load, expect the Bengals to attempt to upgrade at running back in either free agency or the draft in April.

The top running backs in the draft are Trent Richardson from Alabama, David Wilson from Virginia Tech, Lamar Miller from Miami, Doug Martin from Boise State, and LaMichael James from Oregon, according to Mike Mayock. Another back to keep in mind is Chris Polk from Washington.