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Real Football Talk With Brought To You By Art Of Smiles Dentistry -- 2-9

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Tonight I was back on the podcast and was joined by Dave Wellman, Joe Goodberry, Anthony Cosenza and our producer Jason Blanton. We discussed the Pro Bowl and how to make it better, we shared some thoughts on the Super Bowl and after answering some caller questions, we dove into the offseason.

We talked about what free agents we'd like to see the Bengals re-sign and which free agents we'd like to see them bring in from other teams. We also talked about the draft and predicted who the Bengals would select at No. 17.

To listen, go here.

Thanks to our listeners, our callers and commenters and a big thanks to our sponsors, Art of Smiles Dentistry -- transforming smiles into beautiful works of art. Make sure you follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, or just give them a call at 513-367-4441 for more information on their current promotions.