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A New Offseason Tournament: Help Us Decide A Topic

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Some of you may remember the "greatest football movie of all time tournament" we did last offseason. For those of you who weren't around yet, we compiled 20-something of the best football movies, organized them into a bracket and then Cincy Jungle readers voted on each matchup until we got a winner. At the end of the tournament, "Any Given Sunday" beat out "The Waterboy" 375 votes to 144 votes. It was a fun tournament and it kept our attention during the boring lockout.

There won't be a lockout this year so there will be some more news, but we still want to do something similar. The tournament seemed to be as fun for you as it did for us and we'd like to make it an annual thing. The problem is we don't want to do the movie thing over again and we're having a little trouble deciding what to let you guys vote on.

So, if you have a suggestion on some football related topic that we could vote on please share it with us. We'll pick the best one of the bunch and then go from there. Try to pick something football related and something that would have enough nominees to fill out a decent bracket.

So, what would be fun to vote on this offseason?