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Cincinnati Bengals Help Tornado Victims To Recover

Several people within the Cincinnati Bengals organization took part in the cleanup within Moscow, an Ohio town in Clermont County that was severely impacted by the tornados last week. Players like Rey Maualuga, DeQuin Evans, Leon Hall, Andrew Hawkins, and his older brother Artrell, showed up with defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, bringing supplies as well as a helping hand to volunteer their time by helping out. Wade Miller, the team's assistant marketing director said that those players "jumped at the chance to volunteer to help."

From WCPO:

"It's surreal," Rey Maualuga said. "You see these things that happen on TV and it's something that you just don't take into effect because it hasn't happened to you, or hasn't happened around you."

"It could've been anybody," said Leon Hall. "If it happened where I lived, I hope people would come over there and help just like what I'm doing here, and everybody else that is volunteering today."

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Andrew Hawkins (I think) provided by Local 12:

"I feel where they're coming from. Every time something bad happens I just be like,if this happened to me and my family so I couldn't imagine this happening to me and my loved ones so, now that I'm out here I feel like it was the right thing to come out here and my heart told me to do it."

Mike Zimmer helping cleanup in Moscow - Al Behrman / AP

Rey Maualuga and (I think) DeQuin Evans - Fox 19