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Baltimore Ravens Have Made "Substantial Offer" For Guard Ben Grubbs

Now that the salary cap has been determined, more certainties are starting to surface. Such as franchise tag numbers, restricted free agent tenders and how much teams have available against the cap. Cincinnati reportedly leads the entire NFL with $49.9 million available, over $5 million more than the Denver Broncos sitting at $44.7 million. So if the team chooses, they could look towards free agency, helping to stabilize positions of great need. Such as offensive guard.

However one guard that the team may have targeted might be out of the mix before Tuesday's kickoff into free agency. According to the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens have made a "substantial offer" to soon-to-be free agent Ben Grubbs.

The Ravens have made what both sides have acknowledged was a substantial offer to Grubbs to convince him to eschew free agency and remain in Baltimore.

There's no indication that the Bengals have interest in Grubbs, or if they're even going to address offensive guard through free agency. And it's likely that Grubbs and his representative will wait for New Orleans guard Carl Nicks to sign a deal that may set the market and increase Grubbs' overall value.