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PFW Scouting Report On Defensive End Jeremy Mincey

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Last week Carlos Holmes with the Dayton Daily News wrote that the Bengals could have interest with Jacksonville Jaguars defensive lineman Jeremy Mincey. We soon discovered afterward that there might be some credence to Holmes' report. Arthur Arkush with Pro Football Weekly writes up a scouting report on the defensive end.

Arkush writes that while Mincey is a "tireless worker whose motor is constantly running", he also argues that:

He's not a polished pass rusher and needs more moves to beat blockers. The 6-3, 270-pound Mincey does not have great length and is not a great run defender. Also, he occasionally overpursues. Despite being drafted in 2006, he has a small body of work, hardly playing his first three seasons and missing his fourth season on I.R.

Mincey has generated 13 quarterback sacks, four forced fumbles and an interception during 31 games played over the course of the past two seasons.