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Two Bengals Teams Featured In NFL.Com Bracketology Of All-Time NFL Teams

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When the NCAA Tournament comes around, people print off brackets, label their winners, often with a projected Cinderella team. It's as much an American tradition as eating hot dogs at a baseball game. Then like a disease people start going insane with bracket-related subjects; best football players of all-time, best restaurants in the locality or strongest man with the first name Magnus. That being said is doing a bracket finding the best team in the modern era.

The four No. 1 seeds includes the '72 Miami Dolphins, the '78 Pittsburgh Steelers, the '85 Chicago Bears and the '89 San Francisco 49ers. The field is also comprised of all 46 Super Bowl Champions and 18 "at-large" teams since 1966 (as determined by an panel).

There are two Bengals teams represented. The 1981 Cincinnati Bengals, who lost 26-21 to the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XVI, and the 1988 squad who lost to the San Francisco 49ers 20-16 in Super Bowl XXIII. For you younger pups, this is why we hate the 49ers so much.

This is a Fan Vote and the first round voting will be completed on March 15 at 5 PM ET. The schedule goes like this:

Round 1: March 12-15
Round 2: March 16-18
Sweet 16: March 19-20
Elite 8: March 23-25
Semifinals: March 26-28
Championship: March 29-30