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Kendall Langford Scheduled To Visit The Cincinnati Bengals On Thursday

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Early Wednesday morning Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote soon after Jeromy Mincey returned to Jacksonville (not that the two are related), that the Bengals have "considerable interest" in Miami Dolphins defensive end Kendall Langford. Now Langford is expected to visit with the Bengals on Thursday, per Reedy.

Scout, Inc. actually rated Langford a better free agent defensive end than Jeremy Mincey, saying:

Langford has great strength and power but appears to be too one-dimensional in his pass rush package. He is more of a run stopper, leveraging defenders and restricting running lanes. He has powerful hands but can be inconsistent about shedding quickly. He feels pad pressure well and rarely loses his gap responsibility. His range is limited inside out to the ball but he is a consistent effort player.

According to Pro Football Focus grades, Langford scored an overall grade of 1.7, with a -6.8 run defense score and a 7.7 pass rush. However that can be slightly deceiving if you look at the overall body of work, as before last year Langford never scored a run defense score worse than +4.5 dating back to 2008.