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Jonathan Fanene's Contract In New England Only Worth $12 Million For Three Seasons

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While Cincinnati lost Frostee Rucker to the Cleveland Browns on a five-year deal worth $21 million, the Bengals also lost Jonathan Fanene on a three-year worth $12 million with $3.85 million. We had argued that losing Rucker on a five-year deal worth that much softened the blow for losing a guy that only played 55 percent of a possible 96 games. On the other hand losing Fanene to a $12 million deal over three seasons is a blow that Cincinnati should have avoided.

Consider that in two of the past three seasons, Fanene finished second on the team with at least six quarterback sacks in both seasons. And the one year he didn't, Fanene missed 14 games that season (2010) due to an injury. Additionally he finished third on the team with 15 quarterback pressures.

Perhaps Fanene just wanted to play for the Patriots, and he took less for them than what he would have taken with the Bengals. It's always possible. After all he reportedly didn't even bother visiting New England before signing.

Regardless the Bengals didn't lose starters on Wednesdays, but they did lose a heavy contributor in Fanene.