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Aaron Ross Heading To Washington If No Deal Is Signed With The Bengals Thursday

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The Cincinnati Bengals are scheduled to host cornerback Aaron Ross on Thursday, as the organization eases themselves into the free agency process after watching under-talented teams overspend on (mostly) mediocre talent. According to Pro Football Talk, if the Bengals fail to sign Ross, then the former New York Giants cornerback will leave for Washington on a scheduled Friday visit with the Redskins. Though people are irritated that a more well-known, and vastly more expensive, cornerback isn't visiting the Queen City, Ross actually fits a need by the Bengals in regards to their overall depth, compounded by the fact Adam Jones and Kelly Jennings are currently free agents.

Scouts, Inc ranks Ross as the 11th-best free agent cornerback, writing:

Ross has good length and athleticism. He has good ball skills and was one of the more active defenders in the Giants secondary this season. Ross is an instinctive player with great vision to leverage the ball. He isn't always physical as a run support defender but can get ball carriers on the ground. He runs well but isn't explosive and is best in combination zone coverage schemes.

Former Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman is suspected to be interested with the Bengals due to his Mike Zimmer connection. Also Miami defensive end Kendall Langford is also scheduled to visit with the Bengals on Thursday.