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What Brandon Meriweather Signing Means To Reggie Nelson And The Cincinnati Bengals. UPDATE: Nelson Visiting NY Jets On Friday

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When Washington released LaRon Landry this week, it opened a need for the Redskins to bring in a new safety to replace him. And considering they sold this year's draft to the St. Louis Rams, in exchange for Robert Griffin III, they're active on the free agent market this year. According to multiple sources the Redskins agreed to terms with safety Brandon Meriweather on a two-year deal worth $6 million. Now this news isn't so much directly related to the Bengals because there were no indications that Cincinnati was interested in Meriweather, but the New York Jets were.

And so what if the Jets were looking into a safety? The Jets had scheduled a visit with Meriweather on Thursday, with free agents Reggie Nelson and LaRon Landry still on the team's radar. With Meriweather signing with the Redskins, we assume that the Jets will respond with some due-diligence regarding Nelson and Landry, perhaps a visit with one or both in the near future and a quick signing, hoping not to miss out on one of the two.

Either way we can see the Jets responding after losing out with the Meriweather sweepstakes.

UPDATE: Reggie Nelson visiting with the Jets on Friday.

With all of that being said, we still believe that the Bengals are going to try bringing Nelson back. And rather than signing a check north of $5 million per season, they're reasonably monitoring the market, waiting to see what interest Nelson would gain and even jumping into negotiations once Nelson's representatives find a partner.