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2012 NFL Draft: Bengals Running Backs Coach Running Drills Today At Virginia Tech

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According to NFL agent Kyle Gochenour, Bengals running backs coach Jim Anderson is running drills at Virginia Tech today.

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There are a few Virginia Tech Hokies that are considered top-end prospects heading into the 2012 NFL draft, but the biggest, and the one Anderson is likely paying the most attention to, is running back David Wilson.

Wilson is considered this year's draft class' third best running back. He stands at 5-foot-9 and weighs in at 206 pounds. He ran for 1,709 yards for nine touchdowns in 2011, he's also a track star and made the ACC Academic Honor Roll. He may not be the biggest back in this year's draft class, but he has good top-end speed, he's a tough runner and he is fairly decent at catching the ball out of the backfield.

If the Bengals don't grab a running back in the first round, and it's beginning to look like they won't, they could go after Wilson in the second or third.

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