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With Kendall Langford Leaving For St. Louis We Have To Wonder If A "Visit" Even Took Place

Pro Football Talk is "reporting" that free agent defensive lineman Kendall Langford "appears to have left Cincinnati's facility without a contract." However due to morning thunderstorms in the Cincinnati area, Langford tweeted (is that even a word?) at 11:37 AM that his flight was diverted from Cincinnati to Lexington, Kentucky.

At 1:10 PM a sports jockey on 640-AM in Florida tweeted (if that's not a word, it is now) that Langford was flying west to St. Louis for a visit with the Rams. Now if we're to assume Langford tweeted (yep) his changed flight plan around the time that he landed in Lexington, it would take at least 1.5 hours (or an hour with a lead foot) to go from Lexington to Cincinnati.

And that doesn't even include a meeting with the team, impact of traffic during and after the rain (we're talking about Ohio drivers here) and all of the other logistics. That timeframe would be like Langford walking through the front doors at Paul Brown stadium, shaking hands and heading back to CVG. And even he might be bending the space time continuum.

What about flying? Who drives these days anyway?

We're assuming that the flight Langford took was Delta Airlines Flight 908, which took off from Fort Lauderdale at 8:18 AM with a CVG destination, which landed in Lexington at 10:57 AM. It then resumed its flight from Lexington to Cincinnati with a 12:29 PM arrival. By the time he goes from CVG to the stadium -- again with cautious drivers -- and then leaves back for the airport, he would have enough time for a handshake.

We're not saying any of that happened or didn't happen. Maybe the meeting with the Bengals was simply rescheduled for a later date or still taking place. Perhaps Langford saw thunderstorms as some divine intervention to leave ASAP. Either way we find it hard to believe that any meaningful "visit" actually took place.