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UPDATE: Langford Departed Cincinnati Friday Morning

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Despite reports that defensive end Kendall Langford spent the night in Cincinnati, probably waiting for Marvin Lewis to return from Oregon's Pro Day, beat writer Geoff Hobson writes, referencing other reports, that Langford actually left the city Thursday night. The free agent defensive end had a scheduled visit with the St. Louis Rams with growing interest from the Green Bay Packers.

Langford's reported departure, though we're suspicious of "reports" anymore, likely means Cincinnati's chances to sign the defensive end is starting to dwindle. Though signings can happen at any point, the likelihood that a free agent signs with a team is exponentially greater when that player is still in the city.

Despite Langford's reported departure, the Bengals still have three players visiting today. Cornerbacks Aaron Ross and Tracy Porter and offensive guard Jacob Bell. If the Bengals intend on signing any of those players, today would be as good a day as any.

UPDATE: We knew this was coming. Joe Reedy tweets, referencing a "league source" that Langford left Friday morning.

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