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Nate Livings In St. Louis Visiting With The Rams On Friday

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After the Dallas Cowboys reportedly hosted Bengals Nate Livings on Thursday, Cincinnati's (soon-to-be-hopefully) offensive guard dropped by St. Louis for a visit with the Rams, according to Jim Thomas with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. St. Louis is also reportedly hosting Mario Manningham, Steve Smith, Shaun Hill, Scott Wells and Travelle Wharton.

Cincinnati has already lost one guard to free agent after Mike McGlynn announced he was joining the Indianapolis Colts on Twitter Thursday night. Though some would argue that it's not really a loss, rather addition by subtraction.

The Bengals have only tabbed one offensive guard for free agency for a scheduled visit, bringing former St. Louis Rams guard Jacob Bell into town on Thursday.

Cincinnati currently has two offensive guards under contract: Clint Boling and Otis Hudson. There's many that are speculating that the Bengals could draft a prospect guard with one of their two first-round draft picks during next months NFL Draft (let's hope so).