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Resetting Free Agency Period For The Cincinnati Bengals

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Every so often during free agency we need to reset things, just to make sure the information flow isn't completely out of hand. Doing so also adds a little perspective through the chaotic conveyor belt of information that tends to pile up like Jerry Fletcher's apartment.

+ THOSE THAT WE LOST. During the fourth day of free agency the Cincinnati Bengals have lost three of their own to other teams. Jonathan Fanene (three years worth $12 million) signed with the Patriots, Frostee Rucker (five years worth $21 million) joined the Cleveland Browns and Mike McGlynn (unknown) self-reported that he signed with the Indianapolis Colts. And most recently, Nate Livings (five years worth $19 million) signed with the Dallas Cowboys.

+ COME AND GONE. On the other hand the team reportedly invited a host of free agents for a visit on Thursday, including cornerbacks Aaron Ross and Tracy Porter, defensive end Kendall Langford, offensive guard Jacob Bell and defensive tackle Andre Fluellen. They also confirmed that Jamaal Anderson and cornerback Jason Allen visited on Friday.

At last report all those who visited have left Cincinnati without a contract, but that doesn't mean they're won't eventually. It's smart for those lower-tiered players to check all options and we're well-aware that Cincinnati won't over-spend (or think that they're over-spending) if they don't have to. Plus we're not exactly talking about starters here -- at least at defensive end and cornerback.

Aaron Ross is currently visiting with the Washington Redskins while Kendall Langford has moved on to St. Louis with known interest from the Green Bay Packers.

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+ FUTURE VISITS STILL REMAIN. Running backs Michael Bush and Benjarvus Green are expected to arrive on Monday and Sunday respectively. Terence Newsman has reportedly been connected with the Bengals, but no confirmation of a visit scheduled or even expected has yet been reported.

+ REGGIE NELSON FUTURE COULD BE SOON DETERMINED. According to multiple sources the New York Jets have invited former Washington Redskins safety LaRon Landry for a visit over the weekend. We're fairly certain the invite was a contingency if Reggie Nelson's visit on Friday doesn't result in a deal. If Nelson leaves New York and Landry ends up signing, it would be safe to conclude that Nelson's return to Cincinnati becomes that much more closer.