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Happy Belated Sixth Birthday To Cincy Jungle

We've been so busy this week that it completely escaped my mind to mention it on Thursday. At approximately 12:41 PM on March 15, 2006, Cincy Jungle went live with our very first post, announcing to the world that we're here!

Our first Bengals-related post was a tearful goodbye to Jon Kitna, followed up with a demand that Cincinnati draft a tight end that can catch the football. Five years later, they drafted Jermaine Gresham and Jon Kitna has recently retired. In fact no Bengals player on the current roster was playing for the Bengals when Cincy Jungle went live six years ago on March 15.

It's a belated birthday celebration but we've been doing this for six years now and we're as strong as ever. We couldn't do it with our great readers and commentors, who keep the conversions going after we've long departed for new topics of conversation.

The relationship between readers and writers is one of symbiotic harmony. So thank you readers of Cincy Jungle for six awesome years and here's hoping for another 60.