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2012 Free Agency: Mario Manningham "Close" To Being a Ram

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Some people following the Bengals figured that the team would look at a veteran wide receiver in free agency to fill the hole opposite A.J. Green. During the first few hours of free agency, many receivers were flying off of the market, but it was awfully quiet surrounding one big name out there--Mario Manningham. Apparently, that's changing. According to Tony Softli, a St. Louis ESPN personality, the Rams are close to striking a deal with the wide receiver:

Rams source confirms Manningham situation is still in beginning stages. 54 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · Reply · Retweet · Favorite · powered by @socialditto

It sounds as if the Rams are prepared to pay Manningham No.1 money and go with him as their top receiver in 2012. Many mock drafts have the team selecting Justin Blackmon, the talented wideout from Oklahoma State, in order to help out third-year quarterback Sam Bradford. That's still a possibility, it just is a matter of how much they pay Manningham.

We had seen a tweet or two that the Bengals began reaching out to the receiver's camp and if that's true, they probably found his price tag to be too steep. The Bengals have been focusing on a number of positions in the free agent visits (eleven), but receiver isn't one of them thus far.