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Cincinnati Bengals Have Second-Highest Salary Cap Room At $38.9 Million

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Cincinnati's exorbitant salary cap number has been an obsessive talking point, justifiably so, when referring to the team's otherwise inactive free agency since Tuesday, despite the fact that they've hosted seven free agents. Now there have been multiple numbers thrown around, ranging from over $51 million, to $49.9 million but in reality the team's cap number as of Thursday sits at $38.9 million, roughly $1.1 million behind the Denver Broncos who actually lead the NFL.

But how in the world can our cap number fall if the team hasn't signed anyone?

Good question, Timmy. The original cap numbers of $49.9 million and higher were released before the team announced their tenders, signings and other transactions that count against the cap. For example the team tendered or signed Chris Pressley, Dan Skuta, Clark Harris, Cedric Peerman, Nick Hayden, Vincent Rey and Jeromy Miles earlier this week, none of which counted against the original numbers of the 2012 salary cap. Now that those signings are applied, the cap number is obviously lessened.

We're not saying anything other than why the number is lower than it was earlier this week. But yes. Whether it's $51 million or $38.9 million, it's still lots and lots of money against the cap that the team isn't spending.