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BenJarvus Green-Ellis Continues Negotiations With The Patriots On The Eve Of A Visit To Cincinnati

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Running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis will arrive in Cincinnati for a two-day visit on Sunday, joined by free agent Michael Bush on Monday which may conclude in battle inside an epic Gladiator arena to determine who the Bengals will sign. While Green-Ellis, who is spending time boxing with other NFL players, is experiencing the free agency process and wants to find a contingency, the free agent running back is hoping that the Patriots will offer up a deal that he views as fair.

"It's not a perfect world," Green-Ellis said when asked if he'd like to remain a Patriot. "I just know that both sides are working on it and hopefully things get done."

According to Nick Underhill of negations are ongoing between Green-Ellis and the New England Patriots.

And to be perfectly honest we can't blame anyone for wanting to stay with the Patriots, using a team like the Bengals to formulate a fall-back plan in case talks fall through. But even Jonathan Fanene's negotiation process was void of a visit with New England, signing a contract without touring the team's facilities or taking part in the free agency process. They called and Fanene signed.