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Tampa Bay Beat Writer: Buccaneers First Pick Will Be Running Back Trent Richardson

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Earlier this week one website reported that the Cincinnati Bengals were in talks with the Arizona Cardinals, swapping first round picks (along with one or two post-first round selections going from Cincinnati to Arizona), to position themselves for Alabama running back Trent Richardson. beat writer Geoff Hobson eventually refuted this saying that indications were that the front office wasn't talking with any teams regarding a trade. But that doesn't mean Cincinnati Bengals wouldn't select Richardson if he falls to No. 17 (as if). Most agree however that Richardson will be gone by then, especially one Buccaneers beat writer:

Roy Cummings with the Tampa Bay Tribute answers a reader question regarding the team's likelihood of selecting Trent Richardson with their fifth pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

I've been saying for weeks now that the Bucs' first pick will be Richardson. A lot can change between now and the draft, but that will likely remain a strong possibility right up to draft day. There's also a chance the Bucs could get a power back later in the draft and use their first pick on a cornerback. No matter the choice, you want to get someone with the fifth pick overall who can make an immediate impact. All indications are Richardson can do that. And for a team that wants to use a power running game, the pick seems like an easy one.