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2012 NFL Draft: Bengals In Attendance At Texas Pro Day, According to Source

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Cincinnati Bengals coaches, including defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer were at the Texas Longhorns pro day, according to a source, to watch former Longhorn players that are preparing for the NFL draft attempt to boost their draft stock. The Longhorns had a disappointing season in 2011 in which they went 8-5 and only 4-5 in the Big 12 and, compared to some years, there aren't as many top-tier players heading into the draft from the team.

However, there are some players that the Bengals could be interested in after the first couple rounds. Outside linebacker Keenan Robinson could be targeted by the team if they choose not to re-sign Manny Lawson, and inside linebacker Emmanuel Acho could interest the Bengals for depth behind Rey Maualuga. Guys like running back Fozzy Whittaker, safeties Blake Gideon and Christian Scott as well as wide receiver Malcolm Williams could be late-round targets or undrafted free agents that the Bengals could be interested in.

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