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Report: Tim Tebow Traded To The New York Jets...Finally

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There's another big story aside from "bounty gate" that broke today. The embattled third-year quarterback, Tim Tebow, has been traded to the New York Jets for a fourth and sixth round draft pick. The Broncos will also send a seventh-round pick to the Jets in the deal for the former first round pick. Tebow's former team, the Denver Broncos, made it relatively public news that they were seeking to trade him after the arrival of Peyton Manning. Word began to break late yesterday that the Jets were very interested in acquiring the lightning rod of much debate.

Tebow will come to the Jets as the backup to fourth-year man, Mark Sanchez. Despite coming under much criticism from many Jets fans this last season, the Jets opted out of the Manning sweepstakes and extended Sanchez's contract. Aside from some of Sanchez's struggles in 2011, the Jets' locker room was in disarray towards the latter portion of the season and perhaps part of the reason that they acquired Tebow was to mend that internal fracture. It could also be a sign of impatience by the Jets front office, as well as wanting to put some pressure on Sanchez to perform better than he did late in the year. It will be interesting to see what happens in New York if Sanchez struggles in 2012.

UPDATE: Apparently, the Broncos have asked the Jets to pay back some or all of the $5 million bonus money that they gave Tebow last season as part of the trade deal. The Jets are refusing and the Jaguars have entered the picture. Adam Schefter reports that Tebow will have his choice in the trade. Tebow Mania continues--we'll update you as we know more.

UPDATE TWO: The trade that was initially agreed upon between the Jets and Broncos has been finalized with the caveat that the Jets will pay the Broncos half of the bonus money that they have to Tebow. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that Tebow