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Rutgers WR Mohamed Sanu Has Scheduled A Visit With The Bengals

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The WR class in this year's draft isn't stellar, but there are a few names being tossed around as candidates to be drafted in the first two rounds, and Mohamed Sanu is one of them.

Sanu could be a good fit for the Bengals at the No. 2 WR spot, and the two sides are interested in eachother. Today, Sanu revealed in an interview with that he will be visiting the Bengals and Giants, and has more visits planned in the future.

Additionally, Rutgers University held their Pro Day today, and Sanu performed very well. His stock had taken a huge hit after running a sluggish 4.67 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, but he ran a 4.41 today. Experts around the league agree that Sanu's stock has rebounded very well:

Consensus from Rutgers?? Several told me "Mohamed Sanu made a lot of money for himself today"... 2 hours ago via web · Reply · Retweet · Favorite · powered by @socialditto

On his poor NFL combine performance, Sanu explained that:

"I wasn't feeling too well. I'm not going to lie to you guys. ... I didn't feel well. I was a little drained, a little tired. I didn't have that pop that I usually do. I suffered my first 10 yards."

If Sanu can run on the field as fast as he did today, then he may be ready to start in the NFL quicker than most people imagined.

As we discussed yesterday, the Bengals must find a solution to the No. 2 Wide Receiver problem. Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell aren't expected to return, and there's no clear path to take from here. They may either find their No. 2 in the draft, promote Armon Binns, or pick from the remaining mediocre WRs in free agency.

Sanu could fit perfectly into the Bengals system as a No. 2, due to his versatility and great hands. He has taken much criticism in the past month due to his perceived lack of speed, but his performance today may have convinced these experts otherwise. He is a great fit in the west coast offense, which is why I like Sanu with the Bengals second round pick, but he may not fall that far. He is expected to be drafted anywhere between the late first round and middle second.