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Steelers Receiver Mike Wallace Wants More Money Than Cardinals Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald

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For those that have hoped that the Bengals would sacrifice a first-round pick for restricted free agent Mike Wallace, and there's plenty of people that support this idea, there's two elements that goes against this. First of all it gives Pittsburgh an additional first-round pick and after their recent releases of role players, it would only help Pittsburgh rebuild their defense that much quicker. But the biggest reason always comes down to money.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Wallace is looking to make a lot of money. And we mean a lot.

A league source said that Wallace, 25, wants a contract that surpasses the eight-year, $120 million deal that Larry Fitzgerald signed last year with the Cardinals. Combine that with the first-round pick any team that signs Wallace to an offer sheet would lose if the Steelers didn't match the offer, and you start to understand why we've heard so little about Wallace in the last week and a half.

The Bengals won't pay that. In fact few teams would. Though you're giving up a first-round pick for what could be argued as first-round talent, you're asking too much for an eight-year deal with an intense hit against the cap.

And as long as A.J. Green is on this roster, no wide receiver in the world will jump the depth chart to become the team's top receiver. Justifying that much of a hit against the cap is impossible. Not when Andy Dalton's first check will always start with Green.