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Cleveland Browns Not Interested In Bengals Linebacker Manny Lawson

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According to latest reports Bengals linebacker Manny Lawson is drawing plenty of interest around the league. One league source told Tyler Dunne of the Journal Sentinel that Lawson and the Green Bay Packers were currently in discussions. Aaron Wilson followed that up saying that the Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts were interested in the outside linebacker, as well as the Cincinnati Bengals.

However you can cross one team off the list. One league source told Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal that the Browns aren't actually interested. Maybe it's a ploy to hide their interest with an 11th-hour contract offer that disrupts whatever teams have already offered. But then it gets me thinking. We're talking about Manny Lawson. I doubt teams are that invested into manipulation tactics. And we're talking about the Cleveland Browns. The last time they tried an 11th-hour negotiation, they spent several days afterward explaining how their trade package was just as good as Washington's.

Lawson signed a one-year deal worth $3 million last season, putting together a solid-enough season to warrant much fan support for his return to Cincinnati.