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Chicago Bears And Michael Bush Agree To Four-Year Deal Worth $14 Million

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Now that the Cincinnati Bengals signed BenJarvus Green-Ellis to a three-year deal on Thursday, we can essentially close the free agency file in regards to the team's running back roster. According to Pro Football Talk (who in term says according to a source which we assume is Lord Helmet), the Chicago Bears have agreed to terms with free agent running back Michael Bush.

The contract is for four seasons for a modest $14 million -- broken down to $3.5 million per season. But we assume there might be a little more front-loaded money in the form of guarantees, especially with the team having issues getting Matt Forte signed long-term. More importantly Bush adds to the team's rushing offense in a league that favors two-back systems. As if it really matters anymore if someone is a starter or not.

Bush, who was a heavy favorite with Bengals fans, was one of only two running backs that reportedly visited with the Cincinnati Bengals at the start of free agency.