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Jay Gruden On Running Back Rotation: If Someone Gets Hot, He'll Get The Carries

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Now that Cedric Benson has said his goodbyes to Bengals fans, with a thanks to the organization for getting his career back on track (relatively speaking at least), the next stage in Cincinnati's young offensive development will be a greater incorporation of the team's rushing offense. No, we're not talking about a statistical shift with an increase in carries. Rather a more effective rushing offense with, god-forbid, better blockers and blocking schemes. The early game plan is this: There is no feature back while BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Bernard Scott will both become feature backs. Dude, you're smoking it again. Now it's not me. It's Jay Gruden, dude.

While trying to figure out exactly where Green-Ellis fits in Cincinnati's largely unknown rushing offense, the Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden did offer a rather blunt and simplistic hint.

"I don't know what it will be," Gruden said of the rotation. "But (BJGE) deserves to carry the ball. B-Scott deserves more carries. ... If a guy gets hot, he'll get the carries ... they both understand that."

Meaning that we can finally kiss last year's rotation, that brought Bernard Scott into the game during the team's third offensive possession, goodbye. Both guys run the football and whomever runs it better, runs it more often. You know simplicity is something we all crave for in life. And this is simple, easy to remember. I think I'm going to like it.