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Offensive Tackle Anthony Collins And The Cincinnati Bengals Reach An Agreement

The Cincinnati Bengals have re-signed offensive tackle Anthony Collins, the team announced on Friday. Collins, a fourth-round selection during the 2008 NFL Draft, has started 18 of the 39 games played during his career, mostly at right tackle with a handful of starts at left tackle during his rookie season (when Levi Jones and Andrew Whitworth suffered injuries).

Collins took part in 87 snaps in pass protection, allowing one quarterback pressure, but not hits on the quarterback or sacks. In fact the last quarterback sack allowed by Collins was in week four against the Cleveland Browns during Cincinnati's 2009 playoff season.

By signing the four-year veteran, Cincinnati solidifies their offensive line, especially as a backup to Andrew Whitworth and Andre Smith at both tackle positions. Collins, generally graded as one of the better available offensive tackles during free agency, generated limited (if any) interest outside of Cincinnati with no reported visits.

Details of the contract, such as the length of the agreement, have yet to be released. However we're assuming it's a one-year deal.