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Bengals Could Announce More Signings On Friday (Pat Sims Imminent?)

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The Cincinnati Bengals announced a series of moves Friday afternoon, largely establishing depth in the secondary, the offensive line and defensive line, re-signing cornerback Adam Jones, offensive tackle Anthony Collins and bringing Derrick Harvey to help the defensive line rotation. Additionally the Bengals announced the hiring of two full-time scouts.

And they're not done yet.

Geoff Hobson with writes:

With the NFL meetings set for next week in Palm Beach, Fla., the Bengals may be announcing a couple of more signings by the end of Friday.

Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer writes:

It sounds like there will be more moves today, like another defensive lineman or two.

We're not exactly sure who the team could be signing, but we're fairly confident that Pat Sims could be one. Late on Thursday the Bengals were reportedly stepping up negotiations with Collins and defensive tackle Pat Sims. Now Collins is signed, so it would make sense that Sims would follow.