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Bengals Invite Former Akron Running Back Nate Burney For A Workout

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According to his protected twitter account, Akron running back Nate Burney is working out for the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday. Burney posted 467 yards rushing during his senior season in 2010, averaging 4.3 yards/rush but scoring zero touchdowns during his collegiate career. If he caught on with an NFL team in 2011, we can't find any information on that.

Most likely he just never attached himself to a team and was out of football last year. Players from Ohio are generally always given a look, but based on an unimpressive college career and no known references of entering the NFL in 2011, it's probably the team's due-diligence to have a scouting report on every living body, much like CTU. We suspect that there's nothing to see here. (h/t Joe Goodberry for the find)