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Open Thread: What Is On Your Mind?

Rick Pitino and his Louisville Cardinals are in the Final Four. Pitino could be facing his former school, the Kentucky Wildcats. Soon, either the Ohio State Buckeyes or the Syracuse Orange will join Louisville in the Final Four. Who else is psyched for the Kansas-North Carolina game tomorrow? Anything else on your mind?

Do the Reds still have a chance with Ryan Madson down for the season? With March Madness in full gear, opening day a little over a week away, and the NFL Draft getting closer and closer everyday, there must be something on your mind. From Ryan Madson's injury, to NFL draft talk, to how awesome the new show "Touch" is, to how delicious Wheat Thins are, anything is fair game. So come on folks, let your thoughts be free, what is on your mind this fine Saturday evening?