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2012 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft - The Washington Redskins Select....

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With the second pick in our 2012 Cincy Jungle mock draft, David Farrelly made the selection for the Washington Redskins, who made a trade from No. 6 to No. 2 with the St. Louis Rams.

With the second pick in the 2012 Cincy Jungle mock draft, the Redskins select....

Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

The Redskins did the main business in the off-season as far as draft trades were concerned by ensuring that their quarterback position is finally resolved for the long-term. Last season, the 'Skins found that Rex Grossman and John Beck were really only stopgap solutions for an offense that failed to really get off the ground. Having started 3-1, the 'Skins tanked by losing six in a row before ending with a 5-11 record (that did include a defeat of the eventual Superbowl winners!). There was inconsistent QB play, constant changes in the backfield as the Skins struggled in a post-Clinton Portis era (although Roy Helu was a bright spot), some average receiving and all of this behind a depleted offensive line. It's all change in 2012, though, as Washington have made free agency steps to upgrade at WR with the additions of Pierre Garçon and Josh Morgan to a talented pool also comprising Santana Moss, Jabar Gaffney and Anthony Armstrong - with Fred Davis also making a significant contribution at TE as he seems to have replaced Chris Cooley in the 'Skins offensive set-up.

All of these signings will help their franchise QB, Robert Griffin III, who is an eyecatching addition for which the Redskins are banking on to deliver successes of old. RGIII has all the tools - he's accurate, brings the deep ball and can think on his feet (and he will need to unless the Redskins upgrade their OL). But there's likely no time for transition, so expectations from Redskins fans will be high - especially as the price to move up from the sixth pick has been enormous. In trading up, you have to give to get, but this trade shows how desperate the Redskins were: trading up from sixth to second, they gave the St. Louis Rams their first and second round picks this year, along with their 2013 and 2014 first round picks. That's a lot of potential for RGIII to live up to. He might be special. The Skins need him to be.

Historical footnote: Cast your mind back to 1995 when the Bengals traded up from five to one to snare Ki-Jana
Carter: The first (overall pick number five) and second round (overall pick number 36) picks were enough to move up
five places.

AFC North relevance: The Skins paid the price, but the Bengals, Steelers and Ravens should be grateful as
Cleveland were hopeful of landing RGIII to turn around their franchise. Their search will continue...

RG3 Highlights:

Joe Goodberry's Instant Analysis:

The Redskins traded away the farm for a franchise QB. You really can't blame them. The pick/player wont be questioned. The trade will always be used to gauge Robert Griffin's worth. As a prospect, Griffin is a unicorn type player. He unique in every way. Should be fun to watch.
Grade: A
Value: -3

Draft Overview:

# Team Picked By Name/Positon of Pick
1 Indianapolis Alex Neyer Andrew Luck QB
2 Washington David Farrelly Robert Griffin III QB
3 Minnesota Palewook
4 Cleveland Jason Garrison
5 Tampa Bay Andrew Bernius
6 St. Louis Jim0ijk
7 Jacksonville AK513
8 Miami Dan Lockhart
9 Carolina Jason Blanton
10 Buffalo Casey Penn
11 Kansas City Kenneth Taylor
12 Seattle Jerod Egner
13 Arizona Dan Wolford
14 Dallas Joshua Foster
15 Philadelphia Travis Parker
16 New York Jets Kenneth Taylor
17 Cincinnati (from Oakland) Jason Garrison
18 San Diego Anthony Knox
19 Chicago Steve Whited
20 Tennessee Jeff Welch
21 Cincinnati Jason Garrison
22 Cleveland (from Atlanta) Jason Garrison
23 Detroit Andrew Perrotta
24 Pittsburgh Jason Garrison
25 Denver Jared Morgan
26 Houston Brett Kollman
27 New England (from New Orleans) Anthony Knox
28 Green Bay Travis Castleman
29 Baltimore Jason Garrison
30 San Francisco Chris Brown
31 New England Anthony Knox
32 New York Giants Matt Leitner