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Cincinnati Bengals Not Awarded Compensatory Picks For 2012 NFL Draft

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The Cincinnati Bengals will not be awarded any compensatory draft picks this year, according to the Cincinnati Bengals, via the NFL. It's the first time since 2006 that the Bengals didn't receive a compensatory pick.

Every year, roughly around the annual league meetings in March, the NFL hands out what's called compensatory picks for the NFL Draft, given to teams that lost "qualifying free agents" during the previous year's free agency. It's a complicated formula that's designed to help teams to receive something after losing free agents. Things like playing time, compensation and the playoffs are applied to the formula.

For those wondering about Johnathan Joseph's departure, keep in mind it's not a per-player reaction in which these are figured out -- rather the sum total. In other words the Bengals compensated for losing Joseph and other free agents, per their super-secret formula.

Here's Cincinnati's compensatory picks since 2003, along with the players they selected with those picks.

Season Round Pick Overall Player Pos.
2011 7 43 246 Jay Finley RB
2010 3 32 96 Brandon Ghee DB
4 33 131 Roddrick Muckelroy LB
2009 3 34 98 Chase Coffman TE
6 36 209 Bernard Scott RB
7 36 249 Clinton McDonald DT
7 40 252 Freddie Brown WR
2008 3 34 97 Andre Caldwell WR
6 41 207 Matt Sherry TE
7 37 244 Angelo Craig LB
7 39 246 Mario Urrutia WR
2007 7 43 253 Chinedum Ndukwe DB
2004 3 33 96 Landon Johnson LB
2003 7 45 259 Elton Patterson DE