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2012 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft - The St. Louis Rams Select...

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With the sixth overall pick in the 2012 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, Jim0ijk selected for the St. Louis Rams, who finished the 2011 season with a 2-14 record. They were set to go on the clock at No. 2, but they traded back, giving up their stop to the Washington Redskins, who selected Robert Griffin III.

With the sixth overall pick in the 2012 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, the St. Louis Rams Select....

Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina

Before I explain my pick I want to talk about the trade and draft so far. My preference for trading the number 2 pick was to accept the Browns best offer, as long as it included both the number 4 overall and the number 22 pick. The Redskins offer was overwhelming, and the team could not pass on it.

The reason I wanted the number 4 pick was that I wanted my choice of Blackmon and Claiborne. The Rams biggest needs are wide receiver, corner, defensive tackle, outside linebacker, and right offensive tackle. After that, we need a guard, and a replacement for Steven Jackson. Either Blackmon or Claiborne would be a meeting of best player available meets greatest need, but alas it was not to be in this draft, which has gone as wrong for us as possible.

The Rams are bad enough that we need playmakers anywhere on the field, and I think that Coples can have the biggest impact for us. Coples is big, at 6'6", 280, had good production in college, and can play both defensive end and tackle . James Hall, who started last year, is 35, and while we drafted Robert Quinn last year I think that Coples adds more value. The guys available at our need positions are not significantly better than the guys at those positions who will be available with our next few picks, while Coples is a significant improvement for us. I foresee Coples starting as a pass rusher opposite Chris Long, then moving inside on 3rd down to allow us to get our best pass rushers on the field.

Quinton Coples Highlights:

Joe Goodberry's Instant Analysis:

The Rams traded back and risked missing out on the few (6) elite prospects in this draft. With Richardson and DeCastro still in the board, they passed both and decided to go boom-or-bust with Quinton Coples. Coples is an interesting player because he looks like your typical Left DE but he doesn't always play to his potential. The pick is curious because the Rams have a stud at LDE in Chris Long and they drafted their RDE of the future, another UNC product, Robert Quinn. Where will Coples fit in? He'll probably provide rush opportunities from inside as a rookie in nickel packages.
Grade: C+
Value: -1

Draft Overview:

# Team Picked By Name/Positon of Pick
1 Indianapolis Alex Neyer Andrew Luck QB
2 Washington David Farrelly Robert Griffin III QB
3 Minnesota Palewook Matt Kalil OT
4 Cleveland Jason Garrison Justin Blackmon WR
5 Tampa Bay Andrew Bernius Morris Claiborne CB
6 St. Louis Jim0ijk Quinton Coples DE
7 Jacksonville AK513
8 Miami Dan Lockhart
9 Carolina Jason Blanton
10 Buffalo Casey Penn
11 Kansas City Kenneth Taylor
12 Seattle Jerod Egner
13 Arizona Dan Wolford
14 Dallas Joshua Foster
15 Philadelphia Travis Parker
16 New York Jets Kenneth Taylor
17 Cincinnati (from Oakland) Jason Garrison
18 San Diego Anthony Knox
19 Chicago Steve Whited
20 Tennessee Jeff Welch
21 Cincinnati Jason Garrison
22 Cleveland (from Atlanta) Jason Garrison
23 Detroit Andrew Perrotta
24 Pittsburgh Jason Garrison
25 Denver Jared Morgan
26 Houston Brett Kollman
27 New England (from New Orleans) Anthony Knox
28 Green Bay Travis Castleman
29 Baltimore Jason Garrison
30 San Francisco Chris Brown
31 New England Anthony Knox
32 New York Giants Matt Leitner