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NFL Made The Right Decision Expanding Overtime Rules

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The NFL logo. Yea.
The NFL logo. Yea.

For years we've argued that the sudden death format in the NFL tragically gives teams an unfair advantage due to a mere coin toss. When a defensive back is called for a questionable pass interference -- which is still a spot foul and not the 15-yard penalty we believe it should be -- the weight of that penalty hits with such an impact that teams have no chance to recover. Chip shot field goal, and the game is over due to a coin toss and subjective penalty that disciplines players (in terms of yards) far more than the most egregious unsportsmanlike penalty this game has ever seen.

We've long supported the idea of the college rules, but long since abandoned that format, largely due to the impact it would have removing special teams -- punting, punt returns, kickoffs, kickoff returns with the ease of short field goal attempts in the NFL that could expand overtime games by another hour or two. It works for college, but probably not so much in the NFL (though admittedly it's the most exciting brand of football).

Last year the league found middle ground that made sense, which only applied to the postseason as a test (funny way of testing something). If Team A receives the opening kickoff and scores a touchdown, the game is over. Any other result and the opposing team gets a shot to respond. So if Team A takes the kickoff and only maintains a field goal, Team B gets a shot.

The league wisely decided to expand last year's overtime rules into the regular season on Wednesday.

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