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Bengals Practice Schedule Won't Conflict With Reds Games

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Geoff Hobson of has grabbed quite a few good soundbites this week at the annual owner's meeting. First, he got some great insight from head coach Marvin Lewis about his thoughts on the offseason, he also caught up with Eagles head coach Andy Reid who praised the Bengals' direction, and Hobson also caught up with Mike Brown about some other information.

Aside from the news that the University of Cincinnati football team not using Paul Brown Stadium anymore, Brown also shared that the Bengals won't be stepping on the toes of the city's professional baseball team.

The Bengals owner explained that the team won't be practicing during the spring and summer when the Reds are playing a game.

"We just don't think we want to open up our practices when they're having a game. I don’t think it's fair to them," Brown said Wednesday as the NFL meetings broke. "Yet we want to have enough practice where the public can come and see. We've got to figure it out almost day by day how we're going to do it. We have yet to work through that."

While this is a goodwill gesture on Brown's part, it's also clear that this is a move designed to maximize attendance at open Bengals practices. Though this doesn't necessarily mean that the Bengals won't practice on the same day as a Reds game, it's more geared towards not having both teams having an event at the exact time. Brown feels that this is a good gesture to keep the peace between the two clubs:

"We support them and what they do. I think in Cincinnati in all the time I've been there we've had a working relationship with the Reds," Brown said of the 43 seasons they've played in town together. " Sometimes it's been healthier than at other times. I think right now it's good. I want to keep it that way."

So, if you're planning on attending Bengals practices this year, be prepared to plan on attending them at a different time than when a Reds game is occurring.