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PFT: Carl Nicks Hasn't Received An Offer From The New Orleans Saints Yet

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Though we're fairly certain the Cincinnati Bengals won't offer the money needed to entice a free agent with Carl Nicks' ability or talent level, we're still reminded that the team does have the financial ability to sign him if they choose to. But how much would it take? Considering that Nicks is often regarded as the league's top offensive guard (or at least one of the top three), many believe that Nicks would demand a contract more than what Jahri Evans' received in 2010, a seven-year deal worth $56.7 million.

According to Mike Florio with Pro Football Talk, the New Orleans Saints have yet to offer Nicks a contract. The Saints are in a precarious position, negotiating with soon-to-be free agent quarterback Drew Brees. Many reports are suggesting that the Saints and the camp representing Brees are separated by roughly $5 million per season during the first three seasons. If a deal can't be hammered out by both camps, Brees will likely receive the franchise tag before the March 5 deadline, giving New Orleans eight days to figure out what to do (if anything) with Carl Nicks.

When March 13 rolls around and Nicks remains unsigned, he'll become an unrestricted free agent and we're fairly certain that several teams will pounce on his availability. And our immediate prediction? Other teams, not Nicks, will price the Bengals, who have historically undervalued guards, out of negotiations.

We're such Debbie Downers.