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2012 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft - The Buffalo Bills Select...

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With the 10th pick in the 2012 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, Casey Penn selected for the Buffalo Bills, who earned the 10th overall pick by finishing the 2011 season with a 6-10 record.

With the No. 10 pick in the 2012 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, the Buffalo Bills select....

Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

In last year's draft the Buffalo Bills used seven of their nine draft picks on defensive players. In this year's free agency period they made a huge move by signing Mario Williams and also agreeing to a deal with DE Mark Anderson. Based on their recent history of moves, it appears that the Bills will be focusing on an impact player to add to the offensive side of the team.

The Bills currently have some holes to fill on the offensive line, with the biggest need being a Left Tackle to replace the presumably departed Demetrius Bell. But, as many followers of the Bills will argue, there are too many question marks with the OT prospects that rank after Matt Khalil. Also, throughout Buddy Nix's history as a GM in Buffalo, he has only selected 2 out of 11 Offensive Lineman on the roster before the fourth round.

It is my belief that Buffalo will use their first pick on a can't miss, impact WR to beef-up their passing attack. The Bills offense sputtered along during the second half of last season, and it is time for the team to finally add a big WR in Michael Floyd. He is fast, big, and strong, and he will be a great compliment to Stevie Johnson, Fred Jackson, and CJ Spiller.

Michael Floyd Highlights:

Joe Goodberry's Instant Analysis:

After free agency, Buffalo has really trimmed their needs down to a few positions. Most teams in the top 10 are clearly in desperate need of specific positions. The Bills taking Floyd gives them a big, all-around target opposite Stevie Johnson. The Bills needed to find a way to get deep and open things up underneath for their quick passing game. Floyd is a great fit and should make an impact early.
Grade: A
Value: -4

Draft Overview:

# Team Picked By Name/Positon of Pick
1 Indianapolis Alex Neyer Andrew Luck QB
2 Washington David Farrelly Robert Griffin III QB
3 Minnesota Palewook Matt Kalil OT
4 Cleveland Jason Garrison Justin Blackmon WR
5 Tampa Bay Andrew Bernius Morris Claiborne CB
6 St. Louis Jim0ijk Quinton Coples DE
7 Jacksonville AK513 Melvin Ingram DE
8 Miami Dan Lockhart Trent Richardson RB
9 Carolina Jason Blanton Luke Kuechly LB
10 Buffalo Casey Penn Michael Floyd WR
11 Kansas City Kenneth Taylor
12 Seattle Jerod Egner
13 Arizona Dan Wolford
14 Dallas Joshua Foster
15 Philadelphia Travis Parker
16 New York Jets Kenneth Taylor
17 Cincinnati (from Oakland) Jason Garrison
18 San Diego Anthony Knox
19 Chicago Steve Whited
20 Tennessee Jeff Welch
21 Cincinnati Jason Garrison
22 Cleveland (from Atlanta) Jason Garrison
23 Detroit Andrew Perrotta
24 Pittsburgh Jason Garrison
25 Denver Jared Morgan
26 Houston Brett Kollman
27 New England (from New Orleans) Anthony Knox
28 Green Bay Travis Castleman
29 Baltimore Jason Garrison
30 San Francisco Chris Brown
31 New England Anthony Knox
32 New York Giants Matt Leitner