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Breaking Down The Contract Of Bengals Defensive End Derrick Harvey

As one may swiftly recall, the Bengals had a nice surge of signings last Friday, ranging from Pat Sims' return to a new defensive end acquisition in Derrick Harvey. According to Aaron Wilson, Harvey signed a one-year deal worth $765,000 with a $30,000 signing bonus (we presume) and a $30,000 roster workout bonus.

Much like Adam Jones' deal, Harvey's base salary is roughly the league minimum for a player entering his fifth season in the NFL. And much like Jones' deal, Harvey presents a very low-risk, high-reward option. If he puts together the season many expected as a top-ten pick, then the Bengals greatly benefit with their low investment.

On the other hand if he doesn't, the Bengals spent the lowest amount that they could with a base salary for a player that just didn't work out. And if they choose to release him before the contract expires, the cap hit is virtually nonexistent. No risk.