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Cincinnati Bengals Are $27.7 Million Under The Salary Cap Limit - Most In The NFL

Two weeks ago salary cap numbers were updated and released by Pro Football Talk, writing that the Cincinnati Bengals were $38.9 million under the NFL salary cap, which at the time ranked second in the NFL. Signings have since taken place, ranging from Reggie Nelson's four-year deal worth $18 million to the more recent blitz of contract signings from guys like Anthony Collins, Pat Sims, Adam Jones, Derrick Harvey and Jamaal Anderson.

So where does that leave Cincinnati's salary cap today?

According to Aaron Wilson, the Cincinnati Bengals are currently "$27.7 million under the NFL salary cap limit," which is currently listed as the most in the NFL, confirmed by Adam Caplan.

Now one might complain, "why aren't they spending more money?" (some might even use caps).

Along with the fact that the overall free agency talent available today isn't particularly impressive at this point (there are some), but the Bengals have acknowledged their awareness with getting their younger players signed to long-term deals, with guys like Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap. Michael Johnson will become a free agent after this season, as will linebacker Rey Maualuga and running backs Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard. We're not sure if they're going to be priority signings, but if they want them, they'll still have sign them.

We'll do a more thorough breakdown of the team's 2012 contracts today.