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Breaking Down Cincinnati Bengals Salary Cap Numbers

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On Thursday Aaron Wilson wrote that Cincinnati had the most money under the salary cap at $27.7 million in the NFL. Pro Football Talk released another set of numbers on Friday, also listing the Bengals as the top team, but with $20.5 million under the cap, a reduction of $7.2 million from Wilson's numbers. However the discrepancy between the two numbers could simply boil down to when contracts from last week's signings were submitted into the league office.

Jason La Canfora with the NFL Network confirms Pro Football Talk's numbers with a further breakdown:

Current contracts: 47
Previous year carryover: $15,000,000.00
Adjustments: ($4,401,589.00)
Adjusted cap: $131,198,411.00
Team cap: $110,618,362.00
Cap room: $20,580,049.00
Team cash: $89,585,145.00

According to Spotrac, Leon Hall has the team's highest cap number at $8.4 million, followed by Nate Clements with $7.3 million. Hall and Clements are Cincinnati's only players sporting a cap number above $5 million, with Reggie Nelson ($4.5M), Andre Smith ($4.5M), A.J. Green ($4.4M), Robert Geathers ($4.2M), Andrew Whitworth ($4.2M) and BenJarvus Green-Ellis ($4M) falling into the four million range.