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What We're Watching In Sports On March 31, 2012

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Somewhat a slow day in sports, though highlighted with two Final Four games in New Orleans later tonight.

All times are Eastern

NASCAR Truck Race: Kroger 250 (1:30 PM, Speed)
Trucks on the flat half-mile surface of Martinsville means that if your truck isn't damaged by the end of race, you're not trying hard enough.

PGA Tour: The Houston Open (3 PM, NBC)
After a raining start, the second round of the annual Houston Open, the event preceding the Masters, is already underway with Jeff Maggert holding onto a one-stroke lead. Phil Mickelson surged late in the first round with a 65, but finished with a 70, falling three-strokes back.

NCAA Basketball Tournament: Kentucky vs. Louisville (6 PM, CBS)
One of the more entertaining fan rivalries will come to a head Saturday evening as Kentucky and Louisville will compete for a berth in the National Championship game Monday night.

NCAA Basketball Tournament: Kansas vs. Ohio State (8:30 PM, CBS)
The Buckeyes will look to play in the National Championship game for the first time since 2007. However they'll have to go through a very tough Kansas team in the night-cap.