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Week In Review: Bengals Reportedly Hire A West Coast Scout

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+ The Cincinnati Bengals reportedly hired UCLA Director of Operations Steven Radicevic this week, possibly as the team's West Coast scout. Radicevic isn't the only expected hiring within the organization's personnel department. Another decision needs to be made regarding a new Director of Football Operations, replacing Jim Lippincott, who recently retired to become Moeller high school's defensive coordinator.

According to his UCLA bio page, during his employment with UCLA, Radicevic oversaw all day-to-day operations, such as arrangement of camps, clinics and pro days. He was also the football liaison with the athletic department while handling issues regarding student-athletes.

We should point out that the Bengals have yet to confirm any hirings in the personnel department, however an announcement is coming that will detail all changes. And save for one website that tracks coaches making the announcement that Radicevic will be the team's west coast scout, there's as much confirmation regarding where Radicevic will actually make his presence known. Perhaps he will be the team's west coast scout, or perhaps, based on his bio page, he could actually be Lippincott's replacement.

However that would appear highly unlikely. Along with having no experience in the NFL regarding personnel decisions, Radicevic just turned 26 years old in early February and seems to be taking a path many experienced General Managers take at the start of their own NFL careers.