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Reports: Houston Texans And Running Back Arian Foster Agree To A Five-Year Deal

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There have been creative suggestions in the past that the Cincinnati Bengals should try to sign Houston Texans running back Arian Foster to an offer sheet, giving up a first round selection for a relatively young and impressively effective running back. Unfortunately for those creative folk, several sources are reporting that Arian Foster and the Houston Texans have agreed to a five-year deal Monday morning.

The Cincinnati Bengals are in the market for a running back; whether it's a free agent or draft pick is currently unknown. Though for a seriously talented running back in free agency, the team might be forced to unload plenty of cash to obtain a player for a position that's relatively short-lived. Along with Foster, the Seattle Seahawks signed Marshawn Lynch to a reported four-year deal worth $31 million with $18 million in guarantees. Note: Jay Glazer tweets that the deal is for $32 million and only $17 guaranteed.

The Bengals are expected to express at least some interest in Michael Bush, who wouldn't command the type of money that Lynch, Foster or Ray Rice will receive.