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Source: Bengals Have Interest In Jaguars Defensive End Jeremy Mincey For 2012 Free Agency

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Earlier today, I published a writeup regarding Carlos Holmes' conjecture that Jaguars defensive end Jeremy Mincey could be a guy that the Bengals look at in free agency. Aside from the type of player that Mincey is, the Bengals' familiarity with him because of last year's matchup, and the scheme that the Bengals run, Holmes didn't seem to have a specific source to lean on.

Through a source that we at Cincy Jungle have tapped, we have confirmed Holmes' report about Mincey. Since the Jaguars opted to not franchise tag their defensive end, teams will be free to pursue him next week unless his re-signs with his old club. The other teams that have expressed interest in Mincey outside of the Bengals and Jaguars are the Bears and Seahawks.

It appears that Mincey is currently speaking with the Jaguars to see if a deal can be struck with his old club, but if one can't be reached by next week, he'll hit the open market and the Bengals will likely be contacting him at that point about an opportunity in Cincinnati. Of the teams that our source listed as interested in Mincey, the Bengals and Bears appear to the most serious about their expressed interest.

We'll be sure to update you all on all of the Bengals' free agency happenings over the next couple of weeks, including how this story develops.