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Favorite Sports Movie Tournament: Time For The Nominations

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Any Given Sunday
Any Given Sunday

You may remember that last year we had a fun tournament in which we let you nominate 24 great football movies and vote on each matchup as they were arranged in a bracket. In the end, the greatest football movie, according to all of you, was Any Given Sunday, and the runner up was The Waterboy.

This year we're doing something completely different and somewhat similar. We're sticking with the movie thing, but instead of voting on our favorite football movies, we're expanding to our favorite sports movies of all time. So now movies like Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V, Rocky VI, Rocky VII, Rocky VIII and Rocky IX (I'm pretty sure those are all real Rocky movies) as well as any baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, as well as football movies, of course.

So, your job right now is to nominate your favorite sports movie of all time and once we get enough we'll let you vote on which ones get into the tournament and then we'll go from there.

Will football still dominate the jungle or will a new sport take over Bengals fans?

Submit your nominations now.